Venture Crew in Action!
Belmont Crew 650
Chartered by Belmont Rotary
Venturing is a youth development program that is part of the Boy Scouts of America.  The program is co-ed for youth 14-21.  Youth structure the program to their interests and are responsible for organizing, planning and executing the program.  Adult advisors are there to offer guidance, support and encouragement to the youth.  Crew 650 is mostly a female Crew with the goal to do outside, high adventure activities and community service.  Their main goal is to have FUN! The Crew holds monthly events and that range from a few hours to the whole weekend and then a longer summer event.  Last year the Crew was comprised of 14 youth members.
Five of our youth graduated this year and are scattering to, UC Davis, Carlton University in Minnesota, Carroll College in Montana, Gonzaga University in Spokane, and Princeton University. As you can see from the list they will all have the opportunity to continue to pursue great outdoor activities. Two of our seniors achieved the highest rank in Venturing, the Silver Award. One scout was a counselor at our Council Boy Scout camp for the whole summer, two of our scouts sat on the Council youth board and all of our members are active in many pursuits outside of scouting.  We have added 3 new members for this year and have several others that we are actively recruiting.
Activities this year:
July 2013
Participated in Boy Scout Jamboree in W Virginia. First time females allowed at this event that is held every 4 years. Two weeks of high adventure activities
Service project - Tank Museum guides
Skills day – map/compass, orienteering, Dutch oven cooking, backpack stoves
Yearly planning meeting
Flashlight rock climbing
Service – help younger Boy Scout troop with Rock climbing
Service – help local family with move
Jan 2014
All night Star Wars viewing and then Tech Museum tour of Star Wars exhibit
Weekend Beach Campout
Host of ‘Venture Games’  Hunger Games style game for all local Crews
Mystery Spot trip and hike in the Santa Cruz Mountains
EVOC training - Emergency Vehicle Operation Course
Year End Wrap-up meeting and pot luck with families
Sierra Backpacking trip
Rogue River rafting and Ashland trip
Planning meeting
What this list of accomplishments does not show is what a fun loving, inclusive group of youth this is.  They come from six different schools and work very hard to make sure that everyone that comes in contact with them is included in whatever they are doing.  Their excitement for life is infectious and I could not be prouder to be a part of this group.  Thank you for being our Charter Organization and allowing us to have so much fun together!