New Club President 2014-2015 Ralph Kirberg celebrates with Past President 2013-2014 Bill Dawson and Past President 2012-2013 Joanna Reams.
It was an old-fashioned barbecue at the beautiful home of Jim & Clare McGovern in Atherton (Jim is a two-time past president of Belmont Rotary), when we gathered for a delightful get-together over ribs, chicken, tri-tip and pulled pork, beans and salad, with plentiful chardonnay, beer and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.  No one really knows where the term "de-bunking" came from, but for Belmont Rotary it means the changing of the guard.  Ralph Kirberg's accession to the presidency is well-merited as he has worked for years to support the club's goals, particularly the Carlmont High School Interact Club.  Outgoing President Bill Dawson gave a humorous reflection on his year, focusing particularly on the many contributions by others.  Joanna Reams made sure that Bill's own outstanding contributions were recalled, joined by many, especially the great help he received from Ruth Dawson, Bill's wise and cheerful spouse.  Ralph announced that it will be a great year in 2014-2015, and that will be made easier because of the great foundation laid by Bill and Ruth Dawson.